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Smile Care Taxi” makes you smile more by supporting your “outings”.

Our “Magokoro” staff members are wheelchair-bound, so they can take you on trips with peace of mind, bringing “outings” and “smiles” to your daily life.


Please use in such cases.

Sincere support for wheelchair users visiting the hospital.

For your peace of mind, all Smile Nursing Care Taxi drivers have completed the nursing care worker training program for entry-level caregivers.

Chaperones can be sent with you.


Please feel free to use it for a trip or a short excursion.

Wheelchair users can use the service like a cab for trips and excursions.


We also respond to sudden orders from medical institutions and nursing care facilities.

Sudden unscheduled move

When there is a shortage of vehicles and staff

When sudden stormy weather requires a response

In such cases, please use the transportation service of Smile Care Taxi.


Smile Care Taxi Features

Drivers are qualified individuals who have completed initial training for nursing care workers.
The vehicle is a wide-space minivan, so the interior is spacious and comfortable, and passengers can ride for long hours without getting tired.
Wheelchair as well as stretcher (sleeper) access is available.
Fares are safe with approved rates.
Welfare cab tickets are available in Tome and Kurihara City.
Long distance and disability discounts are also available.



Smile Care Taxi Basic Fees

Distance system]

Transportation compact car
First ride fare (up to 1.5 km) 650 yen
additional freight 90 yen for each additional 350 meters


Transportation compact car
First ride fare (30 minutes) 2,740 yen
additional freight For each additional 30 minutes
2,740 yen

Other additional charges

Rental Fee

(1) Stretcher 2,000 yen
(2) Wheelchair Rental Standard type free
Reclining type 1,000 yen

Assistance attendant fee

Basic assistance fee 1,000 yen
1F room assistance fee 1,000 yen
2F room assistance fee 1,500 yen
Accompanying 30 min.

2,000 yen

Increase in the number of caregivers 30 min.

3,000 yen

*There are separate settings for lifts in the case of buildings without elevators. Please inquire.


Discount on Fare Fees】 【Discount on Fare Fees


Discounts for the physically handicapped 1 Discount
Discounts for the mentally handicapped 1 Discount
Discount for returned driver’s license 1 Discount

Available welfare cabs

Tome City Welfare Taxi Coupons 1 ticket per ride

Presentation of disability certificate

Kurihara City Welfare Taxi Coupons for the Handicapped 1 ticket per ride

Presentation of permission for use



Please feel free to call us

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