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Charter Sightseeing Bus Guide

Charter sightseeing buses are used by individuals and corporations alike for a variety of occasions.

For sightseeing and travel

Please use this service for various group tours such as company trips, schools, children's associations, neighborhood associations, etc.


For group transportation for expeditions and training camps

We provide comfortable transportation to your destination without transfers for various club and circle activities such as expeditions and training camps.


For weddings, funerals and airport transfers

If you are in need of transportation for groups to and from wedding venues, airports, train stations, etc., please feel free to contact us first.


Sanuma Kotsu has a variety of vehicles available for various uses.

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Flow of Charter Bus Service

From Request for Quotation to Departure

step01 Please feel free to contact us by e-mail form from the Request for Quotation page or by phone.We will check the availability of buses and get back to you with an estimate.
step02 If you wish to make a formal application with the quoted price, please contact us to make a formal reservation.
step03 After making a formal reservation > Discussion of operation details > Payment of bus fare > Final confirmation > On the day of the tour - Departure - Enjoy a comfortable bus tour.

We also accept direct requests from individuals.

Sanuma Kotsu Co., Ltd. accepts charter bus orders from travel agencies as well as corporations and individuals.If you are considering using our buses, please feel free to contact us for a free estimate and consultation.

Please feel free to call us

For large sightseeing buses for charter bus trips and expeditions, contact Sanuma Kotsu. We look forward to your request for a quotation and consultation.

Sanuma Kotsu Co.


Greetings/Company Profile

Safety is our first priority, always has been and always will be. Sanuma Kotsu's Greetings and Company Profile

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Initiatives for safe operation

We have been certified as a "one-star" bus company with excellent safety initiatives.

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Tome City Fire Department Private EMS Certified Office Smile Care Taxi

Smile Nursing Care Taxi provides cordial support for wheelchair-bound hospital visits.

Please use in the following cases

at times like these

Hospital visits and rehabilitation

At the time of admission/hospitalization

At time of hospital transfer


Leisure activities

Short trip



Nursing care taxi can take you to destinations that are not accessible by public transportation alone.

Please feel free to contact us first.

Smile Care Taxi 0220-23-9225

Reservations / Inquiriesreception7:00‐19:00

Click here for fees and details.

"Smile Care Taxi" brings more smiles to your face by providing support for "outings"

For more information on Smile Care Taxi, click here.